March 24, 2017


What People Are Saying...

valentus coffeeI am so excited about Valentus, especially the Slimroast, I can’t stop talking about it.  I have never seen a product that has worked so well, so consistently on so many people.  It is just the easiest thing in the world to share.  I have all my friends drinking this delicious coffee and every single one of them is losing weight, feeling great and totally loving me for introducing them to what we call “magic coffee”    –    Amy G.

valentus coffee

My name is Sarah. I’ve been using the slim roast coffee for about 2 weeks and LOVE it. I’m down 6lbs and I can’t believe how it’s making me feel! The energy is off the roof. The mental effects and super focus it gives me is really one of my favorite parts! I am now one cup a day for life 🙂        – Sarah P.

Success Stories



Losing Those Tuff Pounds With SlimROAST Coffee!

In only 20 days, I have lost the most difficult 5 lbs. that have plagued me following my child bearing years, but more impressive than this is that I’ve lost a total of 13.5” inches in areas that I just otherwise would not have been able to lose!

Aside from the actual numbers, I’ve gone down 2 bra cup sizes! (from an i to a g, and almost fitting back into a dd)! T-shirts that sat just around the top of my jeans are now closer to the bottom of where the zipper starts on jeans! My jeans are easily coming off my body without undoing them.


DR. BILL, 45 pounds in 3 Months Veterinarian in IA

Dr. Bill lost 25 lbs in his first 2 weeks just with TRIM and ENERGY! I lost 30 lbs at the end of his first month! Now I have lost a total of 45 lbs. in 3 months together with SLIM ROAST COFFEE twice daily in this program! I am not hungry during the day and can resist the sweets easily… Clothes certainly fit differently and people notice his weight loss…

My huge belly is going away! This is amazing!!


Jordan Lost 15 Pounds in the First Month With SlimROAST!

I have never seen such a powerful fast acting product that actually works! I’ve tried EVERYTHING from diet shakes, diet pills, calorie counting, etc. Nothing would get rid of my stubborn muffin top!

I stay active but my weight had plateaued for two years and I was just frustrated! I started using the products on a daily basis and in my first month I lost 15lbs! I am astounded! Not to mention I’m super focused, my business is growing and I have enough energy

Donny got Fast Results Driving Overnight For FedEx!

As a truck driver for FedEx Freight, I have to keep myself in top physical shape to pass the increasingly strict physicals required by the company and D.O.T., and also to do my job safely. After experiencing some weight gain and the physical effects from years of being an “industrial athlete”. I had to take control of my health. I learned everything I could about proper nutrition and diet and have since regained my health back and feel great. Having to work the night shift and drive into the early morning hours, coffee and “healthy” energy drinks are a must.

Donna Lost 60 Pounds!

When the SlimRoast coffee came out, I started drinking one cup a day. I was shocked by what happened next! The inches began to melt off, and my body seemed to be toning up all by itself – without exercising! I felt happy, I could focus better, I had a ton of energy, I had no appetite for 8 – 12 hours, and NO cravings for sugar or carbs – my stomach didn’t even growl. I have now lost 60 pounds using these products and went down 5 jean sizes! This has totally changed my life!


Jim in North Dakota Down 15 Pounds!

I started taking the Energy and Immune products when the company first launched in September (Love both of them). I tried the Trim to be able to talk about it, not that I really had the weight to lose. When the coffee came out, I started taking it, to be able to talk about it. Now, I am down almost 15 lbs since May 18th. I had a belly button hernia surgery in 2001. Since then there has always been fat around the scar tissue that would not go away. It is over half gone with no exercise.